The Branding Mini Course

Are you tired of seeing everyone else with these gorgeous brands and you have been struggling for months just to create a color palette?

You are leaving money on the table because of your inability to put it all together and create your OWN unforgettable brand.

With this branding course, in less than 24 hours, you will be able to create a brand that attracts your dream clients making it easy for you to create products, services, and blogs that speak directly to them.

Rita is an accomplished brand and business strategist who escaped corporate almost five years ago to start her own business.

She works with goal-driven entrepreneurs helping them go after what they want in life while leveraging their online business to help make it happen.

Rita’s hands-on personalize approach with each client helps them simplify their systems and tame technology to take them from ordinary to extraordinary.

By the end of this six step course, you will:

  1. discover your dream clients
  2. find your brand words
  3. create a brand board that uncovers your colors, fonts, and patterns
  4. discover where designers find their resources
  5. create a custom brand guide

The cost to have a designer do this for you would be about $1500! Your investment for this self-study brand course is only $79.

This course is being revamped so registration is closed. Get notified once the revamps are complete.

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